Lord Bruisers Snuffle Balls

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The perfect enrichment toy for your pup or doggo no matter their age. 

Our Lord Bruiser Snuffle balls are made in collaboration with Basito dachshunds and are made specifically to entice dogs into sniffing and foraging and letting their brains and noses go to work.  Simply place their kibble or treats between the folds for hours of stimulation. 

What way do they help our dogs?

  • Alleviate stress.

  • Provide mental stimulation.

  • Encourage slower eating habits.

  • Initiate sniffing and foraging centers of the brain, which are pleasurable for the dog.

  • Create mental stimulation for dogs on restricted exercise.  Perfect for doggies on IVDD rest! 

So much fun! 

Handmade from quality fleece.  Your doggo will just love these large snuffle balls. 

25cm large ball. 



Sizing Guide

Snuffle Balls 25cm circumference. 

Lots of snuffling to be done!

Washing Instructions
You may find your pooch becomes a little obsessed with their snuffle ball so when its time to wash simply pop in your regular 40 degree wash and hang out to dry.  
Refund Policy
Please refer to our 2Royalhounds Return policy on our main website.