Welcome to 2RoyalHounds

2RoyalHounds was created due to the love of my two miniature dachshunds. Lady Lottie and Sir Duke, both British born and bred, were dubbed ‘The Royals’ by their local London dachshund community when they were pups as they both lived and demanded the life of luxury and were always out and about strutting their stuff in the latest range of accessories for hounds.

With my love and passion for sewing and to provide for my two little hounds' increasing demands for quality and comfort, 2RoyalHounds was established in 2016.

It all started with our ever-popular signature pet snuggle sacks which have hundreds of pets snuggling up safe, secure and toasty-warm in their homes.

Today we now lovingly hand make creations for both humans and hounds and our range includes dog collars, neckerchiefs, long dog capes and, for the humans, quilts, baby cot quilts, beautiful personal items for you as well as soft furnishings and other various homewares. All creations are themed around man’s best friend. We welcome bespoke orders and whether it’s a quality snuggle sack for your pooch or a bespoke quilt we guarantee each piece is stitched with love.

We hope with your purchase we will make you and your hound happy as I create lovingly handmade individual pieces under the watchful eye of the two resident Royal Hounds.

Helga – Creator and Designer @2RoyalHounds