Washing Instructions

Snuggle Sacks & Blankets

Pull inside lining out, wash on gentle cycle to 40 degrees maximum and do not use a fabric softener. Can line dry or tumble dry.

Dog Capes

When washing your capes ensure you join the Velcro closure to prevent snagging during the washing cycle. These can be washed on a gentle wash cycle up to 40 degrees. Can line dry or tumble dry.

Dog Collars

Collars can be washed when dirty. Collars can be either soaked and then hand washed or by a gentle machine cycle up to 30 degrees (quick wash). When washing collars, place into a small wash bag and only add a small amount of washing powder with an optional tablespoon for salt to prevent colour fade. Flatten to air dry. DO NOT tumble dry or dry clean collars.

The metal hardware of the dog collars can become corrosive if exposed to salt water at the beach. They can be worn to the beach however it is advised after each visit that they are washed after each use. This prevents corrosion of the metal hardware.

Maintenance of collars: Keep free from dirt, sand and grime and check daily for signs of wear and tear. Do not use any flea or worm treatment near the collars as this may cause damage.

Like any collar purchased they will wear and fade in time. Ensure to check daily for safety. The more you take care of them the longer they will last.