Quick Fit Hug Me Harness


Because of their unique body shape, Dachshunds are notoriously hard to fit in a comfortable, secure harness.  Our 'Hug Me' Harnesses have been canine physio approved. 

Ill fitting harnesses on dachshunds can potentially over time cause elbow dysplasia with long term use and can also be exacerbated if you have a dog that potentially likes to pull when walking.   This can affect their gait and over time may cause disruption to important ligaments and tendons and potentially cause their legs to bow.  Here at 2Royalhounds we have created the Hug Me Quick fitting harness for Long Dogs with their gentle anatomy in mind.

  • No interference to arm pits – anti-chaffing.
  • No interference to front legs – preventing gait issues.
  • No interference to neck and windpipe – buckle is secured on the breast bone.
  • Secure hug me adjustable body wrap for a firm fitting.
  • No escaping out of these secure harnesses.


Our fabrics are all designed by unique local Australian artists.  

Original, fun unique and stylish designs.

Made triple thickness for extra strength and durability.

Breathable Cotton Canvas fabrics with a minimum 240-280gsm.

Secure and strong quick fit and clip front buckle closure – adjustable.

Adjustable strong underbelly Velcro closure with an optional add on underbelly buckle closure.

Matching Leads are all made from cotton webbing and fabric (optional)

Standard Lead Length 1.2metres

Our harnesses and Lead Sets are not only stylish but functional and especially designed for our long doggies.  

Click here to read the story behind the creation of our harnesses.

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