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Puppy Snug

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Getting a new puppy?  

The perfect way to transition your puppy into their new home is the Puppy Snug! 

Puppies love to feel safe, secure and warm and just love snuggling up in a cosy snug.  These snugs have been designed for pups in mind and are so versatlie for when your pup comes home. 

Perfect for carrying your pup in, on your lap, in their beds, in their crates and getting out and about in them to show off your pup!  

Hand made from high quality anti-pill double fleece they are better then any blanket you will buy your pup. 

Sizing 46 x 40 cm approx.  This snug is slightly smaller. 

Please note these snugglers are made for pups and as they grow and get older you may need to transition them into a bigger one as they grow.  But they are the perfect way to start their little lives. 

Machine Washable – Please refer to washing Instructions